Top Interview Questions & Answers for Job Seekers

Basic Interview Questions and Answers

Tell me a little about yourself?

This is most common interview questions asked to an interviewee in every interview. The main motive of interviewer behind asking this question is to know your experience and knowledge relevant to the job. Therefore, your response must be focused more on your professional life rather than on your personal life.

As it is an open-ended question, you need to be more careful while answering. A perfect answer to this question includes a brief description of your personal life and more about your work experiences, skills, and strengths.

What do you know about the company?

This question is asked to you to get an insight into your interest in the company. To answer this question you need to do a thorough research about the company before the interview. You need to invest your time and money in gathering knowledge about the company.

You can take help of company’s website and can follow it on social media networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter to learn and build a strong information base about the company. It is important to include necessary company details in your job interview preparation so that you can confidently answer this question.

What were your responsibilities in last company?

This question is again a common job interview question asked in every interview. Remember that you do not have to explain your previous job description as it is already mentioned in your resume. Think out of the box and highlight your key skills and strengths. Try to match and relate your former job responsibilities with the skills employer is demanding for the job from you.

The job interview answer to this question must be approached with focus, covering all your duties and responsibilities and how effectively you performed extra duties assigned to you apart from your job role.

What did you like or dislike about your previous job?

You need to be extra careful while answering this question because your negative talks about your previous workplace may work against you. The Hiring Manager might be judging your personality type on the basis of your response to such questions.

Try to answer wisely, start with positive things you liked about your last company. Then focus on situation based dislike but never ever talk negatively about your previous company even keep the negative things professional. Be gracious and respectful while talking about your previous superiors. Lastly, talk about how you managed the challenging situations and under which you grew the skills that edged you to look for a change.

How to prepare for job interview?

You need to polish your key skills for resume and also for the job interview. These skills include your hard skills as well as soft skills.

You must have complete knowledge about the company and your ability. You must be clear about your job responsibility and salary expectations. Do practice some basic interview questions and answers before appearing in a job interview.

How to crack interview?

It is one of the difficult questions for job seekers. But cracking an interview is not a tough deal as it only needs a positive attitude, knowledge and most importantly self-confidence. You can prepare through the sample interview questions available at various mediums. These interview questions and answers will help you to give an insight into the job interview.

You should be honest while keeping your point of view in front of the interviewer. You must carry all your relevant educational and qualification documents. Maintain an eye contact with the interviewer and take a pause to understand the question completely and answer it accordingly.

Why interview preparation is important?

Interview preparation is important as it builds your confidence and plays a significant role in cracking interview. You can frame your own answers to the basic interview questions by taking references from the sample answers available on the Internet.

Interview Preparation is absolutely necessary for making an impression in the interview. Practice common interview questions with your friends and family. Go through your resume before the interview so that you remember the information you have mentioned in that and do not forget to carry it along with you to the interview.

First impression is the last impression

It is one of the most significant job interview tips that every job seeker should keep in mind before and during the job interview. The interviewer is going to judge you based on your interview which is totally a make or break kind of situation. You get limited time to express yourself in front of the interviewer therefore, it is necessary to put your best foot forward and this will help you in a long way.

A confident handshake and a small introductory talk make a first impression that lasts long.

Revive confidence while switching career

Switching career can be a nerve wrecking experience while you sit through interviews. However, your accomplishments and experiences from the previous job will guide you to crack the interview.

You can revive your confidence by identifying your transferable skills while making a strategy for a new job search. Take initiatives and go through the interview questions regressively before you sit for a career switching interview. Your transferable skills are the core competencies which you have gained from your past work experiences and can be transferred to the next career or job you are going to opt.

How will ability get you to the top?

The scope of abilities is not limited to just technical or work skills section. The skills needed for the profile must be top notch, but the ability to learn, ability to take up responsibility and work on front foot helps you to have an edge ahead of the peers.

Your abilities make you survive in this world of cutthroat competition and make you stand out from the crowd. Everyone has a specific skills set and ability that helps them to gain a competitive edge. Your ability to communicate well, problem-solving approach, leading a team and working cordially with a team ensure your growth and takes you to the top.

What are ability skills?

Your ability is one of the important factors that make you a suitable candidate for a particular job. In a job interview, you are basically judged on the basis of your skills and abilities. Your soft skills are equally important as your hard skills, to perform a task effectively in an organization.

Your interview skills and other abilities like communication skills, leadership, subject knowledge, team management etc helps you to procure a job.

Role of personality

Interviewers these days are not much interested in technical skills. Today they look for personalities who are creative, responsible and versatile. It is true that workplaces are not controlled only by strategies and policies but also by the personalities of its employees. An employee with creative personality is an asset to the organization who opens the wide network of opportunities. Meeting deadlines, work commitment, increased motivation, are some of the personality traits that saves organizations from SLA breaches.

Companies can benefit from information of such personality types of their employees. Remember your interviewer is not only judging you on your skills but also on the basis of your personality.

Why is ability important?

Your ability and personality are the two elements that decide your control on your team and organization. The ability of an employee helps to solve the critical situations of the organization.

Ability helps you to pave the path to success for your company and also helps you to grow and stand out despite the workplace politics and other negative issues. This is the reason that ability and personality of an employee matters a lot in the growth of an organization.

How to identify your abilities?

Everybody has a specific set of skills and abilities, the only need is to identify and communicate these abilities to get a job. Abilities are of no use until and unless they are identified and used smartly. For a job search, you need to invest your time in identifying your abilities relevant for the job.

The best way of identifying your abilities is coming out of your comfort zone and working in different situations which also help in developing new abilities.

How is strategy important in business?

Strategy in business plays an important role in achieving organizational goals effectively and efficiently. A business strategy provides direction, vision, and guidance to the organization. Dealing with your competitors, identifying a target market, understanding the market changes, meeting the customer expectations and examining the growth of the organization are vital parts of a business strategy.

A strong business strategy helps an organization to gain competitive edge and sustainability. Business strategies are made to achieve both long term and short term goals of an organization.

Why is strategy important for competitiveness?

Achieving competitive advantage and sustainability is the ultimate goal of every organization and it can be achieved only through a strong business strategy. Market conditions are dynamic and competition is getting intense day by day, no idea remains unique as competitors copy it. This is where a business strategy helps you to survive in tough competition.

Planning, identifying your strengths and weakness, judging your skill pool, allocating your resource pool and environmental scans will help your organization stand strong even in worst market conditions and face any market change.

Job search strategies and techniques

Job Search is not an easy job but when you strategize your approach it becomes quite easy. Your resume plays an important role in your job search as it the base on which you apply for a job. Your resume should be short, readable, interesting and to the point. You should mention all of your skills on your resume. Take the help of top job portals, use filters as per your job requirements and keep updating your resume.

Use LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms to gain the attention of employers who are hiring. If you want your job hunting process to be successful you must be persistent, attentive and updated.

Job search strategies for college grads

It is quite challenging for you to procure a job as a college grad because you lack experience. A strategized approach to job search can determine your success. The very first thing is you need to keep your resume ready. Stay connected to LinkedIn and other professional social media platforms as they are one of the best sources of getting a job in this digital era.

Stay in touch with your college placement cells; check out the walk-ins and Fresher fairs. Keep updating your skill sets and consider an internship in order to gain experience. The internship will make your resume stronger.

How will you know your strategies are effective?

Measuring the effectiveness of strategies on a timely basis is as important as forming new strategies. If you observe that current strategy is fruitful, then stick to it and continue functioning with it. In-case strategy is not working you need to develop a new one or refine the existing.

Check that how many relevant employers have approached you on the basis of your existing job search strategy. If you are still not satisfied with the results then you can take some professional help.