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Worknrby is an online platform that serves candidates looking for job openings with FREE search services. Here, we offer recruitment service to help job seekers willing to explore placement options in the nearby areas. By registering yourself with Worknrby, you can explore jobs near you with local employers.

We serve as online hiring assistant to the placement seeking candidates with proper career guidance and search. Candidates can easily include their personal information and skill-set which can be shared with customised settings. Job-seekers can compile their profile, and the data is shared only after verification and approval of the respective candidate. To avail our services, aspiring candidates need to register themselves (which free of cost) and enjoy smooth and free job search and application services.

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Finding a work opportunity near your residential location is always a priority whether you are a fresher or an experienced job seeker. As, it has been surveyed, that the most hot search is “jobs near me”. It is not constantly feasible to search door to door for an opportunity nearby, and people move out to metro cities for the career hunt. But, with the unique feature of sorting posts in the neighbourhood introduced by us, has made vacancies search easy in the local areas.

If you are looking for a work opportunity in a specific geographic area, or near your home location, then Worknrby is the saviour to list down desired profile in your area. By using multiple strategies like- matching technique of skills needed for any placement with the important job skills of the candidate profile. If the skills of any candidate match with the set of expertise mentioned in the vacancy, then notification is displayed to the applicant profile.

Skills Based Match Mechanism within Hyper Local Vicinity

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We are an online platform and publish vacancies for job seekers searching career in neighbouring areas. Applicants can add a customised profile to their account wherein they can mention essential job skills, as per the profile they are seeking. This application assists placement seekers with a local search feature to look for a vacancy and suggests opportunities by skill-match technique.

Our features allow job seekers to hunt for a pursuit in adjacent locations, and whichever skills match with the respective posts, they appear on the candidate’s profile. Finally, the job seeking candidate can easily share their application for individual positions. If the applicant has customised the profile concerning the skills needed for any vacancy, then the specific post will reflect in their account as soon as the skills match with the respective profile.

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